CFA Science

Cetylated Fatty Acids or CFA’s are rooted in a health compound(s) derived through a process of “esterifying” fatty acids. The origin of CFA’s can be traced to discoveries made and processes developed by Dr. Harry W. Diehl, Ph.D., including Cetyl Myristoleate or the cetyl ester of Myristoleic Acid. CFA’s are all-natural and have been clinically demonstrated to help support, and indeed restore joint health and flexibility. CFA’s are marketed under various brand names, including CetylMax® and Flexadren®. There have been many studies performed on and scientific presentations made relating to CFA’s. Published scholarly articles have described the systemic enhancement and lubricating properties of CFA’s to cell membranes throughout the body, providing youthful cell fluidity and elasticity. Some of the benefits of CFA’s include the enhancement of joint fluids that cushion bones and joints to maintain flexibility and mobility, so that an individual can move with greater ease and range-of-motion. CFA’s have been proven to provide cumulative (continuous and restorative) benefits.

Please read the following studies for great research on how CFA’s can help you like they have the people in these clinical studies. Extensive clinical research, and the feedback from our loyal customers keeps us energized about what CFA’s can do for everyone who suffers from active lifestyle adults, or anyone suffering from stiffness and soreness, arthritis, and even gout. You can reach the studies simply by clicking on the links below:


*The published clinical research made available on this web site refers to studies conducted on “Cetylated Fatty Acids” (CFA’s) using Celadrin®, a trademarked, joint health compound, developed, manufactured, and distributed by Imagenetix, Inc. Flexadren products do not contain Celadrin and the Flexadren products were not used in the above referenced studies.